A good dose of self-care is vital to helping you feel comfortable in your own skin. That’s why we at Alaise make simply good products, packed with natural ingredients and for a reasonable price. This way, you can plan your happy moments as often as you like and whenever you want!





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Pamper your dry skin with our intensely-nurturing Cotton Field dry body oil. This oil is enriched with nourishing bamboo extract and almond oil for a lovely soft and nurtured skin.



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Find calmness in everyday moments with the warm rose fragrance of our Rose Garden hand soap. We’ve enriched the soap with bamboo extract for making your hands soft and cared for.



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Every day, enjoy a refreshing and stimulating shower with the herbal minty Pine Forest shower gel. The mild and skin-neutral pH formula is carefully composed from 95% natural ingredients.


Our scents

Find reflection in ancient coniferous woodland through our Pine Forest collection. Take a deep breath of fresh evergreen air and the minty notes of a fresh cup of mint tea and let all your worries just fall away. Our fresh and aromatic Pine Forest collection gives you enough energy to make every day a success.

Let the warm floral scent of our Rose Garden collection carry you down winding garden paths through stunning rose gardens. Immerse your body and mind in the warm and mildly sweet scent of rose and unwind yourself completely.

Immerse yourself in sun-soaked cotton fields with the gentle and refreshing scent of our Cotton Field collection. The fresh aromas envelop you like freshly-washed bed linen and give you the energy to start the day with a full-recharged battery.