12 simple self-care tips for at home

1. Switch on the radio and get boogying

Exercise is good for you, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. But how about making it more fun (and crazy)? Just pick your favourite tunes and boogie away! Throw some crazy shapes and release all the pent-up energy in your body. This will stretch your muscles and put a big smile on your face too!

2. Take a deep breath

Breathing: we do it all day long, but do you ever sit back and consciously breathe? You’ll find countless practical breathing techniques online that help lower stress and make you feel more Zen. And the best thing is, you can use this technique anywhere you like, whether it’s at home on the sofa or at the office.

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3. Take a nice long soak in the bath

Take time out to enjoy a long, hot shower or soak in some bubbles, using your favourite self-care products. Our Rose Garden showergel is a gentle, nourishing product that soothes your skin and your soul. So you can fully recharge your batteries!

4. Immerse yourself in a podcast or audiobook

Whether you’re keen to learn something new, want to laugh along with your favourite comedians or are seeking a thrill: a good podcast or audiobook is a brilliant way to unwind. Listen as you cook or clean, but for a truly relaxing experience, plonk down on the sofa with a nice cuppa.

5. Write down what you’re grateful for

Over the course of the day countless cares and thoughts whizz around in your head. Don’t leave these to fester, write them all down instead. Pick a time of day to make a note of everything that’s on your mind; the good and the bad. Even bad days have good moments too!

6. And now for some quiet

Utter quietness, does it exist? We fill our days with music, meetings and get-togethers, but it’s equally important to be enveloped by silence from time to time too. Put all distractions out of arm’s reach (yes, that includes your mobile too) and sit down somewhere nice and quiet. Listen to the sounds around you that are normally blocked out, like the birds singing and the leaves rustling. You could meditate on your breathing whilst you’re at it!

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7. Get creative

As kids we loved drawing, painting and crafting. But can you actually remember the last time you made something by hand, instead of digitally? Getting creative with your hands is very therapeutic, you know. And it really needn’t be perfect or ‘good’, just as long as you make something. So, write that funny story, get doodling or crafting!

8. Nice and neat

A cliché perhaps, but a tidy environment reflects a tidy mind. Our living environment often reflects our inner state. When we’re super busy we simply don’t have the time to clear up behind us. Take time out to tidy away your things or to dust. A clean, tidy space makes life a lot easier! A clean, tidy space makes life a lot easier!

9. Go outside

A blast of fresh air and feeling the sun on your face does wonders for your soul. Leave all your cares behind as you head out on a walk, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. And it’s a great way to get in some exercise too, of course!
Tip: bring the delightful fragrance of outdoors inside with our Pine Forest-collectie. This way you can stay in the woods for longer!

10. Look after your skin

Your skin tells a great deal about you. Fatigue, stress, an unhealthy diet: you’ll see the effects straight away. By taking care of your skin you’re taking care of yourself too. So take time out for your daily skin care routine, preferably using natural self-care products. Schedule in a pampering face mask now and again, and take the time to properly massage your face cream in. If your skin is happy, you’ll feel happier in your skin too!

11. Treat yourself to a delicious, healthy meal

Food expresses love, as well as love for yourself! Avoid sugary, animal-based products for the day, and treat your body to vegetables, fruit and lots of water. There are countless healthy, tasty, vegan recipes to be found online; you’ll be amazed!

12. Get a good night’s rest

A good night’s rest makes you feel better, your skin look brighter, will improve your overall health and your concentration and energy, of course. Actually, a good night’s rest is the ultimate self-care tip! Follow a consistent sleep routine that gives you at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Improve your sleep by getting plenty of exercise in the daytime, and by avoiding large meals and alcohol just before bedtime.

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