About the products

Of course; Alaise products are never tested on animals. On top of the run-of-the-mill laboratory tests we also rely on enthusiastic colleagues and Alaise reps to proof-test our products.

Yes, all Alaise products are free of animal-derived products and ingredients.

No, Alaise products aren’t 100% natural, but between 90-96% instead. You can find the exact percentage on each product packaging. For Alaise product development we bring together the very best of nature and science.

Over and above natural ingredients, we have opted for synthetic perfume and a synthetic-derived preservative. This preservative means we can guarantee the products’ shelf life.

We use synthetic perfumes as these give high quality, intense fragrances. You see, a 100% natural perfume will have a less intense fragrance. This is why many high-end perfume brands also use synthetic perfumes or sometimes add natural oils to them. In other words, if you opt for 100% natural, you automatically make concessions to the smell. Today, fragrance-driven products are almost always a combination of synthetic and some natural elements. Plus, synthetic fragrances are also more price, quality and availability-friendly, and synthetic raw materials are often safer too.

Alaise products do not contain microplastics. Microplastics are fixed plastic particles measuring 5mm or smaller, that aren’t biodegradable or soluble in water. Globally, they form a substantial pollutant, on land and in the oceans.

All our products are for the most part biodegradable. That said, we sometimes cannot avoid using artificial ingredients to, e.g., guarantee product safety or effectivity.

Any unopened Alaise cosmetic product has a minimum shelf life of two years, if stored correctly. Once opened, just like any other cosmetic product, the shelf life becomes limited. You can find the shelf life of your opened product on the label on the back. You will see a number followed by an M in the “open pot” icon. This number indicates the number of months your product can be used for after it’s been opened. For optimal shelf life, store your product in a cool, dry and dark place.


For our bottles and pots we use plastics that have already been used (e.g. as a plastic bag or water bottle). This plastic is collected, cleaned and ground by recycling plants. We then buy this plastic to make our bottles and pots.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for our lids and pumps. Because the lids must turn and seal well, and the pumps move smoothly, the technical challenges in using recycled plastic are simply too great. We monitor developments in this area very closely, in the hope that we can soon further reduce our eco footprint in this regard too.

A darker bottle looks great in the bathroom, but there is a practical reason for the darker colour too. Because our bottles are made of recycled plastic, lots of different coloured plastic is included in the mix. Making a transparent or white bottle is quite tricky therefore.

Recycling plants use infrared to separate the different types of plastic. In days gone by this made detecting black plastic harder, as it was less reflective. Luckily though, the recycling industry is super innovative. The result is that there is now infrared technology that can detect and separate black plastic for recycling. Many waste sorting plants already use this technology, or plan to do so soon.

We care about you and the environment. That’s why we produce all our products locally, i.e., in Europe, and for the most part in The Netherlands. This cuts down significantly on transport and CO2 emissions.

Plus, we use recycled plastic for all our pots and bottles. This means we don’t add any new plastic to the production cycle, so contributing towards a more sustainable planet. We also keep a close eye on the latest production and packaging developments, to further help reduce our eco footprint going forward.

Yes, some Alaise products contain alcohol, for example, the hand lotion and body cream. Cetearyl alcohol – the alcohol we use – barely irritates the skin, if at all. In fact it helps keep skin hydrated. Other fatty alcohols that work in the same way include cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol and behenyl alcohol.

Unfortunately, at the moment our product range doesn’t include refills. It goes without saying that we never stop looking into reducing the amount of plastic we use. But in order to really make a difference, the refill must contain less plastic than the product’s original packaging.

About Alaise

Alaise is the one and only alternative to expensive soaps and lotions. We prefer to invest in simply making great affordable products, rather than on costly advertising and TV campaigns. We use it to simply make good products, without attaching an expensive price tag. Our vegan products are made with as many natural ingredients as possible, with no muck added. All our products are packaged in recycled bottles, and we run a tight ship: everything is produced in The Netherlands and Europe.

Our products are not only sustainable but skin-friendly too. We’re here for everyone, whatever your budget or day of the week it is. Our aim: Blissful enjoyment of our fabulous products in the comfort of your own home.

Our key concept is: “make yourself at home”. With our products you’ll feel just as pampered at home as you would at a spa, and every day too!

We are a new brand that launched in May 2022, and we’re keen to hook up with other self-care fans! Which is why we share daily tips and inspiration on self-care, beauty and conscious skincare on social media. So follow us on www.instagram.com/alaise.care or www.facebook.com/alaise.care, and feel free to ask questions/provide feedback or to send us a private message! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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