Gift wrapping self care products. This is how!

You have eagerly ordered your amazing ALAISE product. That was the easy part! It’s a gift, but here’s the thing: how do you gift wrap it in style?

Gift wrapping unusual shapes, such as those self care products usually come in, can be rather tricky. Truth be told, ALAISE packaging is stunning in itself, as it is designed and produced with a great deal of forethought. All the same, would you like to add some extra pizazz? If so, read on for further tips and inspiration.

The secret of the perfect gift: making sure key attributes of the gift are revealed. Take for instance, colour or choice of material. They hint subtly at the contents, without giving anything away.

With ALAISE products you can tap into the product aromas.

How about …
Pine Forest: embellish the gift with a sprig of pine.
Rose Garden: pop a dried rose in between the ribbon.
Cotton Field: attach some cotton wool to the gift with string.

Gift wrap with fabric

One stunning, and sustainable, way to gift wrap ALAISE self care products is by using fabric. Take a length of fabric and wrap it around the bottle or pot and secure with some string (for the shower gel and hand soap/lotion a length of fabric of approx. 35 x 28 cm will do). Embellish with a sprig of your choice, and a gift tag. Better yet, choose a semi sheer fabric, such as tulle, mesh or muslin. This gives the recipient a tantalising glimpse of what’s inside. The fabric can then be reused for the next gift.

Gift bag

To get around the tricky shape of bottles you can always buy yourself some solid base gift bags. Proving tricky to find the right size? Make it yourself! You could, say, use kraft paper which has a natural look&feel, and complements ALAISE products perfectly.

Here’s how to make your own gift bag:

  • Take a sheet of rectangular paper, measuring approx. 38 x 28 cm
  • Fold the paper widthways so that the ends overlap one another, and then secure with glue or sellotape.
  • Fold the bottom over by approx. 6 cm and fold out again.
  • Next, fold the sides of the folded-open section in such a way to achieve a diamond shape.
  • Fold the points of the diamond towards each other and secure well with sellotape.
  • Fold the long sides of the bag by approx. 2 cm and fold out again.
  • Assemble the bag into shape.
  • Pop the gift in the bag and fold over at the top.
  • Punch two holes at the top, to feed beautiful ribbon or string through.
  • Adorn the gift bag with a lovely gift card and cotton wool, a dried rose or a sprig of pine.


A bottle of shower gel on its own is a gift enough as it is. But how about turning it into a self-care bundle? This will truly transform your ALAISE gift into an experience. Pop the products in a basket and add a few extras. Items you could add: a rolled up hand or hammam towel or a lovely candle. Simply wrap in cellophane, as the products should be on proud display!

Steal the show with your stunning gifts! You’ll be guaranteed to put a smile on your beloved’s face as she open your gift! Although … it’s not about the end result, but that it shows a great deal of love and effort has gone into your gift.

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